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Ask Sharon
2 years, 1 month ago
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I know tradition is that the bride throws her bouquet. But it is so special and I was hoping to preserve it. What can I do?

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You’ll be happy to know that you can stick with tradition and keep your bouquet too! Nearly all of my brides have face this dilemma and I have always given them the same advice. Have two bouquets- one to toss and one to keep for yourself. Ask your florist to put together a smaller bouquet with the same flowers, so that it looks identical to the bouquet you walk down the aisle with. This is the one that you’ll throw to all of the single ladies.

To keep the “twin” bouquet fresh during your ceremony you simply keep the stems in a small container of water. When your ceremony is finished, grab the bouquet you’re going to toss and replace it with your real bouquet. No one will know the difference as they scramble to catch the bouquet in hopes of becoming the next bride!


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