Tips to Look Great in Your Wedding Photos

Tips to Look Great in Your Wedding Photos
2 years, 2 months ago
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There is a very simple secret to knowing which angles most compliment you in a photograph.

Practice different poses in your mirror. This will be time well spent and you’ll learn how you look your best. Is your left profile more flattering than your right profile? Try out different angles and test several facial expressions.

Ask a friend to shoot a few pictures of you in different poses. If your wedding and reception are outdoors, then take photos outside at approximately the same time. Once you see the photos, you will be able to tell very quickly which angles are most flattering.

If you have any doubts, meet with your photographer. Show him the photos that your friend took and discuss the lighting and angles you like most. Together you can discuss your ideal list of shots and how he can get them for you.

The day before your wedding, relax. This is an exciting time. Be with your dear friends or family. If possible, get a massage or take a bath. Relax and concentrate solely on yourself. It will truly have an impact on the way you look and feel.

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