Bridal Beauty Prep Leading up to your Big Day

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My bride’s always ask my thoughts on the week or month leading up to I Do. What should you do to get ready emotionally? Is there anything you can do to perfect your skin and hair? How about dieting and physical preparation? 

Here are a few of my tips for your personal beauty preparation leading up to your special day:

  • Try your hair style at least 2 times – practice makes perfect!  Also, make sure you have your makeup done so you know exactly what you want on your wedding day. I suggest having a friend tag a long to take photos so you’re sure it’s the right look.
  • For your skin I recommend a La Mer Face Mask and eye cream. They rejuvenates and makes you look and feel fresh as can be!
  • Drink LOTS and LOTS of WATER! Clean eating and water leading up to your wedding day is SO important!
  • Stay away from alcohol the week before your wedding. It will help with your skin prep as well as make you feel less bloated.
  • Take a day and relax at a spa – or get a massage. Anything along these lines will help relieve stress building up from your year long planning.
  • SLEEP is so important! I know your mind is racing and you want to make sure every detail is perfect – but you have to make sure you are getting enough sleep – it is the best medicine!
  • Use a nurturing hair mask of some sort a week or so before the wedding. Ask your stylist what they recommend and what they feel would be the best home care for the wedding day style you are going with.
  • And for your body – sleep, water and yoga are my go to’s! Take relaxing walks and meditate – maybe even with your fiance!