Destination Wedding | Bridal Packing List

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It’s finally time! You’re ready to pack but feel anxious, excited and so many mixed emotions that you don’t know where or how to start.

Here is a list of things you can’t forget when packing for your big day, especially when you’re traveling so far:

  1. All Legal Documentation (passport, ID, marriage license)
  2. Final Vendor Payments (including tip envelopes)
  3. Rings – His and Hers!
  4. Your Dress and accessories
    1. Jewelry
    2. Shoes
    3. Undergarments
    4. Special makeup
    5. Hair accessories
    6. Veil
  5. Outfit change? Make sure your entire outfit is ready to go so you can quickly change during your reception or right after.
  6. Honeymoon clothes, shoes, etc…
    1. If you are going straight to the hotel or airport following your send off – make sure your bags are packed and ready to go well in advance so you don’t forget anything.
  7. Bridal Party gifts
  8. Gifts for parents and/or anyone special
  9. Emergency day of Wedding kit. Here are a few things that are good to have on hand throughout your wedding weekend:
    1. Aspirin
    2. Band-aids
    3. Breath mints/spray
    4. Cash
    5. White Chalk (Handy if something gets on your dress!)
    6. Comb/Brush
    7. Dental Products (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss and Mouth Guards if needed)
    8. Eyedrops
    9. Granola bar or quick snack
    10. Hairpins / Ponytail holders
    11. Hairspray
    12. Makeup For touchups
    13. Mini Sewing kit
    14. Instant Stain remover (like a ToGo Pen or wipe)
    15. Nail File, polish and remover
    16. Perfume
    17. Straws (so as to not mess up that perfect lipstick)
    18. Feminine products
    19. Tissues
    20. Tweezers
    21. Magnifying mirror
    22. Antibiotics
    23. Hankey