Honeymoon Checklist: What You Don’t Want to Forget

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After months and months of planning your big day, week or weekend has come to an end – and was successfully the most perfect day of your life! But the fun isn’t over yet –  it’s time to pack for your honeymoon!  Here are some essentials you don’t want to forget to take with you on your trip:

  • Paperwork: Your passport, your ID or Driver’s License, medical prescriptions and travel insurance. Triple-check you’ve packed these things with you!
  • Skincare: Aside from your regular cleansers, lotions and skin treatments – don’t forget extra sunscreen! If you’re going somewhere sunny, whether laying by the pool, hiking or simply touring, sunscreen is a necessity!
  • Money: Make sure you have the current currency before leaving for your trip – different places use different forms of currency and you want to make sure you can bring home all those souvenirs! 
  • Proper clothing:  Research the weather of your destination. Just because it’s an exotic island, it doesn’t mean weather is always picture-perfect there. Do a little bit of research a few days before your departure so that you know what to pack. Also, don’t forget a couple of nice dresses and heals for those dinner nights! 

What you pack depends a lot on where you travel, for how long, and what activities you have planned. However, above are just a few basics – so make sure you check them off your list before leaving for your honeymoon!

Photo: Juan Carlos Tapia