Making Your Wedding Morning Stress Free

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The morning of your wedding day will be charged with emotion, beauty, joy and of curse, excitement! Here are some tips to making sure the morning of is calm, memorable and stress free:

  • Pamper yourself the night before. Have a massage. Watch a movie. Listen to music. Talk to your Maid of Honor – or, why not, to your future husband. Do whatever it takes to relax. Yes, you might not be able to sleep (most brides don’t) – but the adrenaline will keep you up and going through the day, making it a real rollercoaster of emotions.
  • Surround yourself with people you really love. Your mother, your bridesmaids, your flower girl- these ladies are all there to offer you their unconditional support and attention.
  • Take some of your favorite music with you. Make this a really fun party for you and all the ladies who are there to help you get dressed and ready to walk down that aisle. Dance a little, smile, take fun photos – you’ll never forget getting ready for your wedding. 
  • Have everything prepared … DO NOT leave anything to do for the morning of. 
  • Have breakfast. Yes, we know eating is the last thing you can think of before getting married but am empty stomach is the last thing you want while saying your vows. Plus, you need a lot of energy to dance the night away!

Most importantly, though: seize the moment. Feel every blink of an eye, every second, every minute, every ray of sunshine and even every tear welling up in your eyes. Feel them and memorize them – this is PURE, REAL-LIFE MAGIC!