Not the Bride? Tips for Throwing a Successful Bridal Shower

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Congratulations! Your best friend, sister, or someone close to you is getting married! An exciting time for the bride-to-be and you to plan one of the first parties celebrating her upcoming marriage.

Now, where to start…  What’s the design? Who should you invite? Co-ed or women only?Here are a few tips to help you plan an incredible bridal shower for that special bride in your life:

1- Planning

Once you take the reigns make yourself a to-do list and timeline for things that need to get done. Pick a date and send out invitations at least a month before the shower. Don’t forget to delegate! Ask for input and help from the entire bridal party, as well as the bride’s parents.


2- Theme

Let the bride know you want this to be a surprise but if she is not okay with that ask her for some direction.

For example, if you decide to base the shower off of a specific theme, let your guests know so they can dress and/or gift wrap accordingly.  


3- Menu

Use the theme to create a creative menu that will wow the bride and her closest friends and family. Whether you are serving breakfast, brunch, lunch or cocktails and dinner decide if you want the shower to have a formal or casual feel. Will your guests sit down to a plated meal or help themselves and mingle while they eat.

Choose the best food for that time of day – but make sure it fits in the theme!


4- Activities

Take into account the bride’s personality and make sure you choose things that she will enjoy! Activities such as having your guests write down their wishes for the Bride to be on cards and placing them on a wish tree or writing their tips for a successful marriage and reading them aloud at dessert, just to name a few!

*A helpful tip: Have pre-addressed envelopes ready for the bride-to-be so that she can send out thank you notes to all the guests that attended.

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