Wedding Budget and Contracts Do’s and Don’ts

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Staying on budget and understand your vendor contracts are the most important things to planning a wedding.  Here are some of our do’s and don’ts to help you remember the little things and not get ahead of yourself throughout the planning process.


DO decide on exactly how much you want to spend on your Wedding Day.

DO arrange the type of wedding by the dollars you have to spend.

DO meet with at least thee vendors for each category and get written bids for comparisons.

DO attempt to obtain cancellation insurance due to unforeseen emergencies.  The insurance will protect all of the prepaid deposits.

DO ask if the vendor you interview will, in fact, be in attendance at the event.

DO be certain to always update your budget so you do not find yourself overspending.

DON’T sign contracts unless you are absolutely certain you understand them.  Ask questions.

DON’T over-invite if your budget does not allow for it.  Big does not mean great.

DON’T plan a black tie dinner with five courses if your budget is minimal.  A morning reception can be charming, as can an afternoon celebration.  You will be able to increase your guest list, as the cost in the morning and afternoon are less than a Saturday evening affair.

DON’T worry about the small things.  This day is about you and your husband, and your guests know it.