Wedding Tips for the Mother and Father of the Bride on Her Big Day

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Your little girl’s day is finally here. You have already hashed out all the wedding details, gone to every fitting and tasting and hired a planner to take care of everything in between. Here are a few helpful wedding tips for the Mother and Father of the bride to help them through one of the biggest days of their (and their little girl’s) life:

Mother of the Bride:

  1. Be your daughter’s backup. There will be unexpected things that come up throughout the day that may make the bride anxious. Be there to help her through some of these unanticipated encounters and take her stress away.
  2. There is a phrase, “a Mother’s job is never done.” Today is no exception. Today your precious baby will have a million things going on around her. It may fall on you to ensure she stays fed and hydrated throughout the day!
  3. She may be your princess but don’t let her take her ‘princess’ role too far. Keep her grounded throughout each part of the day.  Help her keep her focus on the incredible journey ahead.


Father of the Bride:

  1. Help out much as you can on the big day. See if there is anything that needs to be done (airport pick ups, lunch orders, coffee runs). You will be the knight in shining armor if anything is forgotten.
  2. Make sure your toast is prepared way before the microphone is handed to you. It will be an emotional day, even for dad. Many Fathers get choked up giving their speech, so make sure you are well rehearsed.  This will make it easier to push through the tears.
  3. Help the newlyweds with thank you’s and goodbyes. Step up and play host for the latter end of the evening so that your daughter and her new husband can enjoy dancing the night away.

Finally for both Mom & Dad : Remember to enjoy the evening.  This is just as big of a day for you as it is for your Daughter and new Son!

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